Marble Engraving

Marble is the perfect canvas for engraving, you are not fighting with a mixed back ground. Marble is a sedimentary material that has never been melted, only compress from pressure and time. If you are not going to walk on the material you should use Marble for photo engraving, Marble is not as hard as Granite and therefore will scratch under foot traffic. Absolute Black Marble is the only Black Marble in the engraving industry that comes free of white lines and white spots and remains black even if used out of doors.

The following options are available:

  • Color: absolute black, imperial white, and dark green
  • Sizes: from Business card size up to 24 by 18.
  • Polished on one side, 2 sides, or up to all sides depending on the best application.
  • Shapes: oval and round shapes.

Check out some examples below.